Losing group coverage?

Your guide to health insurance options in Arkansas.

Group Coverage Ending

There are several situations that arise and could cause a loss of group coverage. Some include:1. Turning 26 and losing parental coverage.
The Affordable Care Act allows for dependents to remain on their parent's health insurance until age 26. At that time, you may no longer be eligible to remain on that plan and should look for other health coverage options.
2. Leaving your current employment.
It is important to remember that your group coverage will typically last through the end of the month you are terminated or otherwise leave your current employer.
If you are currently covered on a group with 20 or more full-time employees, you will have an option to elect COBRA for up to 18 months. You should expect information regarding this option to be mailed directly to you from your employer's Cobra provider. If you are currently covered on a group of less than 20 full-time employees, you are eligible for State Continuation of Coverage for up to 120 days. You must complete a form to elect coverage within 10 days of loss.If you are retiring and age 65 or older, schedule your consultation with an agent as soon as possible to review your options alongside Medicare. You can find a link to our Medicare resources near the end of this guide. Go to Medicare

Health Insurance Options

In either of the previous situations, you have several options for obtaining health insurance.1. COBRA
Like mentioned on the previous page, COBRA coverage is an option for employees leaving a current job if their employer meets specific conditions. Otherwise, you may be eligible for State Continuation coverage. Note, you will be responsible for the entire premium amount. Please, see your employer or your employer's COBRA provider for additional premium details. If considering this option, be sure to get a thorough review of your unique situation with your agent.
COBRA considerations:
•You have 60 days to “Elect” COBRA.
•You have 45 days to make the initial payment after you “Elect” COBRA.
•Once it is elected and paid, coverage will go all the way back to the termination date of the original plan.
2. Spouse's Group Coverage
If you are married, and your spouse has group coverage with their employer, you are eligible for a special enrollment period to gain access under that group plan. To take advantage of this, you must apply to the new group within 30 days of current coverage loss.
3. Other Group Coverage
If you are taking a position with a new company that offers group insurance, you will typically be eligible for coverage under their plan within 90 days. Please, see your new employer for specific details and work with your agent to find the right coverage for you during the "gap" period between jobs.
4. Marketplace Plans
Marketplace plans are health insurance plans that meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. These plans require no medical underwriting (ie. no exclusions for pre-existing conditions) and can be effective as early as the first of the month immediately following loss of current group coverage. Marketplace plans are priced based off age, household income, and location, along with other factors. These plans can be an extremely affordable option for some individuals and families. You can cover all of these details during your consultation with one of our health insurance experts.
5. Medicare
If you are age 65 or older, or otherwise eligible for Medicare benefits, your options are far greater than other individuals. It is imperative that you meet with one of our agents to go over your health care needs and determine the best option going forward. You can find some of our Medicare Education resources at the end of this guide to review prior to your appointment.
6. Limited Duration Plans
These plans are available for one to three years at a time and go through medical underwriting (medical questions that must be answered and coverage can be declined or issued with an increased rate based on health). Though they have some restrictions and limited prescription coverage, Limited Duration plans can be a great alternative to the Marketplace plans for healthier individuals.
7. Short-term Plans
If you are only going to be without coverage for a short amount of time, short-term plans can act as a safety net to cover "gap" periods in between other health insurance coverage. These plans are available from Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield for 30-88 days at a time. Ask your agent for more details on this option during your consultation if you are only needing gap coverage for a limited amount of time.
8. Dental & Vision Plans
Not to be forgotten, new dental and vision coverage will need to be procured if you are losing group benefits. Note, most individual or family dental plans do require a 6 to 12 month waiting period for certain services when applying for new coverage. These waiting periods can be waived provided you have no more than a 30 day gap in coverage between your group dental plan and the new individual plan.

How to review

Your Local Experts

With nearly two decades of experience, the Experts at Redline Health have helped thousands of individuals find the right health plan to fit their needs.We have two ways to work with our local experts.1. Schedule a one-on-one review at no charge!
This is the most common (and cost effective way) to use our services. Your insurance premiums are the same by law, regardless of whether you use an agent or not to write your policies. We offer education and plan reviews at no charge if we are given the first opportunity to earn your business.
2. Schedule a one-on-one consultation for a flat fee.
Working with other agents, or prefer to apply on your own? No problem! Redline Health offers education and plan review consultations for a flat fee of $100. Pay for the expertise you need with no agent lock-in.

Why use an agent?

Great question! Here are the reasons why working with a local expert could be right for you.1. No additional charge (usually).
Most agents have no charge to use their service. Redline Health is no different. As long as we are your agent, there is never any charge to meet with us. Also, HHS does not allow carriers to change individual plan premiums based on whether or not you use an agent. You do NOT save by enrolling directly without an agent. Why not have the expertise?!
2. An advocate for YOU.
If you use Redline Health, you always have an advocate to assist on your behalf when an issue arises with the carrier. While we hope there are never any problems, having an agent to help fight your case can be the difference you need.
3. Independent.
Redline Health is independent and is contracted with nearly every carrier offering health insurance plans in our area. Our agents can cut through the marketing lingo and truly find a plan to fit your health care needs. No carrier lock-ins!

How we work

Redline Health is famous for our knowledge and quality service, but with that comes an increased responsibility for clear communication to you. To set expectations up front, this is how we work.1. We are digital first. All appointments are made through our calendars, accessible here. Our availability is PUBLIC. If it is open on the calendar, then your agent is free for that appointment time. Similarly, if the date or time is not shown, your agent is already booked with another client.2. All calls are recorded. Effective 2022, Medicare requires all calls with clients to be recorded. We like this just as much as you do (not at all), but it is a necessary evil to protect both you and Redline Health.3. Email is our preferred method of communication. Need to reach out to your agent without an appointment? No worries! Shoot your agent an email directly for fastest response (usually same day). Remember, our agents work by appointment only and can fill up weeks in advance during busy times. Avoid playing phone tag and shoot us an email.4. Voicemail is not available. Like stated above, email is our preferred method of communication outside of scheduled phone or in-person appointments. If working by email and scheduled appointments is not acceptable, you will be disappointed when using Redline Health.

Our Medicare experts have dedicated years of service to local and regional companies, organizations, and individuals in an effort to truly educate our clients on their Medicare options. If you are looking for Medicare assistance, check out our Medicare resources below.

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